The Indiana Jones of Manuscripts Goes to Munich

Yesterday I attempted to explain to my roommates that I’ll be gone for the next week and a half on research, starting off in Munich. I’m not sure that I communicated the whole, ‘I won’t be in Tübingen,’ aspect because one of them asked me if I’d be around on Sunday night. No. Because, as we were just — I think — discussing, I’ll be in Munich for research …??

I also managed to make my research sound far more daring than it is. The other flatmate with whom the conversation occurred said, ‘Cool, like Indiana Jones.’ That’s right — like Indiana Jones for manuscripts. I go and read books. And find stuff in books that other people haven’t found.

So it’s like Indiana Jones. Only with a lot more bureaucracy and better lighting.

Also, no corpses. Unless you count the 720 dead goats that go into making a substantial parchment manuscript.

Anyway, my German research is actually quite exciting, and maybe a little like Indiana Jones. A lot of the manuscripts here haven’t been collated as far as their Leonine content is concerned — not even in the 1750s when the Ballerini did their edition of all of Leo’s letters, and many of the letters I’m interested in were not included in Schwartz’s partial edition of the 1930s.

So who knows what secrets lie within the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek?

I do know this: Munich’s Neues Rathaus (new city hall) looks very Gormenghastly. I took many, many photos of it tonight. Also, the Dom (cathedral) is a brick construct from the 1400s. Rare in my world.

Oh, also, tomorrow Indiana Jones is taking a little holiday in the Alps. To visit Neuschwanstein. So, yay Bavaria!


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