Flickr! Check it out!

Okay. So. Pre-Tübingen photos are all on Flickr now!! Huzzah! There is even organization going on. You may recall that I had a slow start going on the Paris photos, with the result that hundreds of photos have appeared in our photostream over the past few weeks. Hundreds of photos covering months of travels and whatnot. So, here are some links to some sets and tags and what-have-you, for your viewing pleasure:

Jenn’s parents in November — including Dunnottar Castle and Stirling Castle.

Photos from various trips to Roman sites in Britain, including February’s trip to Hadrian’s Wall, October’s very brief trip to a different part of Hadrian’s Wall, and October’s fabulous trip to the Antonine Wall. Also two photos from Cramond.

Cramond, to mention it, has its own tag now.

If castles are your thing, I have uploaded eight photos from Blackness Castle near Edinburgh, and many from Caerlaverock in Dumfries — it has an ACTUAL MOAT. Near Caerlaverock we visited the Ruthwell Cross, a fantastic piece of Anglo-Saxon sculpture with Old English runes carved in it that recount a poem.

And if abbeys and church architecture are more your style, don’t miss out on Sweetheart Abbey, South Queensferry Priory Church, Inchcolm Abbey (which is totally AWESOME), and the various bits of ecclesiastical architecture highlighted in the very important set of photos from my trip to Cyprus!!

Having viewed the Cyprus photos, don’t miss Florence. Different style of churches, different era of art. Worth a look.

And don’t forget LONDON!!! We went there in September 2012. Take a look at our magnificent photos. And be jealous.

Having viewed these recommendations, you will have seen most of our recent (or, rather, post-Paris) photos on Flickr. There are still others lurking out there. You can search our photostream for other wonders such as ‘Glasgow’ or ‘Christmas’ or ‘Edinburgh Castle’. Perhaps you missed out on my Paris photos. Well, now is your chance, before the whole thing gets clogged with photos of Germany!!!


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