Exciting goings-on in my digital life

I must confess that my digital life is not necessarily that exciting. Nonetheless, there have been goings-on. If you are at all interested. So, here they are:

There are new Pages on Opening Up My Wordhoard! That’s right, I’ve removed the lists of books and movies and replaced them with three, snazzy new pages devoted to those topics I most often blog about: Classics, Mediaeval stuff, and Science Fiction & Fantasy. Go check them out … if you dare!!

Also, new categories have arisen here. Such exciting categories are now available as ‘My Travels‘ (for journeys outwith Edinburgh), ‘Ancient World‘ (to catch not just Classics but those occasional appearances of Mesopotamia and Egypt as well), and ‘Mediaeval‘ (after all, it needed one).

Now, you can subscribe to this blog! Just input your e-mail in the box on the sidebar, and new posts will be magically sent to your inbox. So if I ever give up Facebook for Lent again, you can still follow my random ramblings as I open up my wordhoard!

I wanted to add a Flickr widget in the sidebar, but I don’t know how. I used to have one, back in, like, 2006. Oh well. But Jenn and I have been uploading to Flickr like banshees, so go check out our photostream!

Observing the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries in Stirling Castle

Observing the Hunt of the Unicorn Tapestries in Stirling Castle


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