A mountain of shoes

I just shined my dress shoes in preparation for living in Germany for three months. The shoe-shine kit was found in our wardrobe. It took me a moment to find it because it was the heart of a mountain.

A mountain of shoes.

I did not count the myriad of shoes. They were legion, though. I can assure you. I have no doubt that my wife can account for a purpose for most of these shoes. The boots for work, the sandals for the showers at the pool, the sandals for summer (seldom worn since 2010), these shoes for office jobs, these shoes for that sort of outfit. And so on and so forth.

I own waterproof hiking boots, amazing winter boots that Aragorn would have worn, dress shoes, running shoes, Birkenstocks, and slippers.

But my work and my outfits are far less complicated.

Nonetheless, these little moments are insights into one another. What would be lurking at the bottom of the wardrobe were I a bachelor? Stuff I’d forgotten about. Shoes long dead and forgotten. Action figures that were cluttering things up because I’d acquired other, cooler toys to take their places. Maybe magazines. Or books.

Shoes are at least practical. And I’ve at least seen my wife in each pair of shoes on more than one occasion.

Off to do some dishes.


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