A Year’s Worth of Tea

Our tea cupboard -- 11 varieties on the go!

One year ago today, my wife and I arrived in Edinburgh after a very long journey that flew from Toronto to Keflavik, Iceland, to Heathrow to Glasgow and then a bus to Edinburgh that ended with a taxi to our flat.

We drink a lot of tea, as mentioned previously — more than in Canada. Here’s a year’s worth of tea to give you an idea — some shared with guests but most just the two of us. Those with a + symbol mean that we have a package on the go:


Earl Grey: 420+
Lady Grey: 70
Decaf Lady Grey: 40+
Candy Cane Lane: 20
Decaf Cooperative: 80+
Royal Blend: 50
Twinings Chai: 50


?Scottish Blend: 125g
Genmaicha: 125g+
Early Grey: 125g+


Camomile, Honey, & Vanilla: 20+ bags

Others in Progress

Chili Rooibos (50g)
Camomile (20 bags)
White Peach (20g)
Assam (50g)
Assam (50 bags)
Highland Blend (125g)
Twinings Assorted (5 each of Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Assam, Ceylon, English Breakfast)


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