Two Months in

Having arrived on August 27, Jennifer and I are basically two months into our time in Edinburgh.  Thus far, we love it, as can be well attested by our photos on Flickr!  We are well settled into our flat that we found after a week of wild flat-hunting during which we were occasionally viewing flats at the same time as ten other people!  The place is furnished and right next door to the temporary accommodation we had found for the beginning of life in Edinburgh.

One of the biggest burdens of life in Edinburgh, though, is the fact that New College, where the University of Edinburgh houses the School of Divinity, is a few doors down from Edinburgh Castle.  I am forced to see that castle perched all majestically upon its rocky volcanic hill every day that I go to New College to study.  Not only that, but the Old Town, where New College and the castle are located, is full of all these beautiful, old buildings — row upon row of them, ascending the hills of the city with weathervanes, steeples, domes, peaks everywhere you turn.  Simply dreadful!

In other words, we like Edinburgh and the proximity my studies have to the Castle.  My studies have been going well.  I enjoy my classes.  The week we talked about Constantine was the week we actually had some discernible divergent views in the room — although my defence of Theotokos last week was also of note (for pretty much the same thing, see this post at my other blog).  In Greek class we have translated a bit of Justin Martyr, a bit of the Epistle to Diognetus, and 1 Thess 1-2.  I got to look at a modern facsimile of Codex Vaticanus which was way better than the photo-facsimile of Alexandrinus that I also got to check out.  The Vaticanus facsimile I intend to use for a paper I’m writing for the Greek class.

Jennifer has been enjoying Edinburgh as well, making our flat a home, preparing her CV, applying for jobs.  Enshallah a job will come soon.  I’m feeling really tired, thirsty, and hungry, so I’m going to go home.  Hopefully I’ll come up with more posts, more frequently, more cleverly.  Stay tuned!


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