I have applied for:

-Myriads of writing/editing/proofreading jobs on Craigslist and Monster, including “Label Editor”

-Baggage Handler


-CER at almost every Chapters/Indigo in the city

-Tutoring positions

-High School Latin teacher


-Church Secretary

-Court Stenographer

-Historical Interpreter

-Comic Shop guy

-Other bookstores

-Knight at Medieval Times

-Pretty much anything I could see

I think I’ve applied to between 80 and 100 jobs.  People say that three months isn’t very long in the current economy.  Well, it seems more than long enough to me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting away, applying for a couple of jobs most days, reading books, writing, going stir-crazy.

Hire me!  Now!  I’m a good worker!!!


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