Poem of the Week: Joshua Giraffe

In honour of my new job, here’s something by Raffi, “Joshua Giraffe”:

Joshua Giraffe was born in a zoo
He lived there, too, for two years
And a half he hasn’t had a bath
My mommy doesn’t lick me
Even when I’m sticky from
Candy floss, candy apples, popcorn,
Soft drinks, jelly beans and gumdrops
And there must be something better
Than living in this cage
But I’m really not to sure
Because I’m really short of age.

Joshua Giraffe was feeling kind of sad
Things were going bad
How little of life he had
Wasting away with no room to play
Trapped in a zoo with buffalo poo.
So he went next door to the elephant
And asked him what to do
I’m wasting away with no room to play
I’m trapped in a zoom with buffalo poo.
The elephant was very old and gray
And he had a huge balloon bottom
He said, “Never fear Joshua,
For a vision will appear.”

That night a dream came to Joshua and
Joshua saw animals, like crazy monkeys
And a whole pile of
And flitty moths, frogs size 12
And sleazy lizards
and a tribe of nasty saviars
But Joshua wasn’t afraid
Because he sang himself this song:

“Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo
Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo
Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo
Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo
Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo
Nothing can go wrong-o
I’m in the Kongo”

Even in his dream he knew
He’d never get away,
Not even for a day
Then a peanut hit him on the nose.
Joshua Giraffe was back in the zoo.
What could he do
Awakened from his dream
He’d never be the same
Because of things he’d seen
He’d seen:
Alligators, crocodiles, tree sloths
Anacondas, cobras and
Large-winged moths
Orangatangs, gorillas, baboons eating grapes
Gibbons, rude mandrills and just plain apes.

But Joshua was lucky
He had some special friends
And that day they went to the zoo
But he was up tight so they waited till the night
And they chopped his cage in two
He discovered he could fly and
He soared into the sky with them
Wrapped around his neck
And they haven’t come back yet.
So if you see them, get a net.

That’s right, they haven’t come back yet.
But when they do, they say they are
Going to free all the animals from their cages
No matter how new or modern
Even some pets, too.
So if on your way home today
You happen to find…

A baboon basking in the balcony
Or a lion licking a lemon in the lobby
Or a python perched in the pantry
A wildebeest in the W.C.
With a turtle twirling in your tub,
Don’t be afraid, just say you’re a friend
Of their friend,

Joshua Giraffe, Joshua, Joshua
Joshua Giraffe, Joshua, Joshua
(woo hoo)


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