Cornish Pasty

Today for lunch I had a Cornish Pasty (the “a” is short).  A Cornish Pasty is a bundle of joy for your mouth — it is dough (apparently, essentially pie crust) wrapped around little chunks of beef, parsnips, potatoes, onions, possibly other vegetables, complete with salt & pepper.

It was delicious.

One of Jennifer’s co-workers was making them in a wood-fired brick oven yesterday, and she knows how much I like them.  So she bought one.  I think the premises of the original baking improved the awesomeness of the pasty.

I rarely get Cornish Pasties, this being the second time I’ve had any since I discovered them in England in 2006 (OK, I didn’t discover them; Ann told me I had to try them).  The other time was last July.  They are very good.  You should try one.

Perhaps, though, you’re not a Cornish Pasty lover as I am.

What obscure thing are you in love with?  And why don’t you indulge in it more?  Unless it’s something ridiculuous like a Faberge Egg addiction, you can no doubt afford your indulgence the few times it appears.  Don’t hold back!  Grab the pleasures of life when they come at you.

Enjoy the world around you!

Eat a Cornish Pasty.


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