Scotland Is Cool


Due to the extreme levels of awesomeness to be found at the 61st Glengarry Highland Games, “Britain Is Cool Month” is in danger of becoming “Scotland Rules Month”.

We’ll see how I can swing England and Wales into the mix, but after spending Friday and Saturday in a kilt, surrounded by the continuous skirl of bagpipes, Highland Dancing, enough men in kilts for me to blend in (e’en wi’ the Balmoral), and opportunities to get sucked in by amazing Scottish entertainers.

The Hon. Peter MacKay did not help, standing on the stage telling us about how great the contributions of the Scottish have been in forming Canada and the indelible mark the Scots have left on the culture of this great land of ours, seeing as how they were the first non-French Europeans here. He also mentioned some important Scots who moved to Canada, such as Sir John A. MacDonald, Alexander Graham Bell, and Sir Alexander Keith.

One of the displays of awesomeness was the tattoo and concert on Friday night. There were pipe bands, and a military band, and the MacCulloch Dancers, many doing Highland, the rest doing step dancing, and some local entertainment, as well as some guests — Troy MacGillivray from Nova Scotia and then Scocha (pronounced Scotia) from Scotland. Scocha rocked and ruled and, if there had been a house out in that field, would have brought said house down. Truly excellent entertainers performing truly excellent Scottish music!

We had also the opportunity to listen to some of North America’s best pipes & drums compete and to see some skillful Highland Dancers dance, all from better angles than previous years. It was an excellent weekend, except for the torrential rain that left the field in a state that the massed bands of 1709 pipers and drummers was cancelled.


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