Poem of the Week

From Ovid’s Metamorphoses starting at 4.617.  A little more Perseus for you (he’s “the victor”):

While the victor was suspended above the sands of Libya,
drops of blood fell from the Gorgon’s head.
After those were received, the earth brought them to life as snakes:
from that, that land is crowded and infested by snakes.
From there, he was driven through immense inharmonious winds,
now here, now there, he was carried in the nature of a raincloud
and from the far heights of the sky looked down upon distant
lands and flew over the whole earth.
Three times he saw the frozen North, three times the arms of Cancer;
often was he carried under the setting of the sun, often to its rising.
Now the day was ending, afraid to trust himself to the night
he stopped in the land of the west, the domains of Atlas,
and sought a little rest, while the Morning Star called out
the fires of Dawn, the chariots for Dawn by day.


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