Weekly Poem #21

I got many cool presents for my birthday almost a month ago, many of them books, others being of the Dr. Pepper, Playmobil, Crocs, and Christian History magazine variety. My wife gave the supercool Everyman book Anglo-Saxon Poetry, trans. and ed. by S. A. J. Bradley. All the translations are prose translations, and I’m cool with that; it’s really good. So here’s the Ruthwell Cross Inscription, carved upon a stone cross, as translated by Bradley:

He stripped himself there, God almighty, when he willed to climb the gallows, bloody in front of all the people. I did not dare to give way. . .

Christ was on the Cross. But diligent and noble men came there from afar to the lonely one. All this I witnessed. I was sorely oppressed by anxieties, nonetheless I bowed. . .

. . . wounded by sharp points. They laid down the man weary of limb. They stood at his body’s head. There they gazed upon the Lord of heaven. . .


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