Two Lists of Ten

I like Canada. I mean, there are things about Canada and many Canadians and whatnot that bother me. But I like Canada overall, this country whose English-speaking culture is British but poised between US and UK with a few new ingredients thrown in–and we ought to embrace this reality as what it means to be Canadian. Being Canadian, uniquely Canadian, doesn’t mean only doing things that only Canadians do. Being uniquely Canadian means the whole jumble. So, while poutine, nanaimo bars, and butter tarts are uniquely Canadian, doughnuts are also an especially Canadian thing (and more universally Canadian than poutine, I might add). So, to celebrate Canadianness, don’t feel awkward about the fact that Canadians are not as multicultural as the government tells us. Just embrace what we are.

So, the first list of ten is things I like about Canada. Post your own lists as comments, O Canadian readers! The order is the order they came to mind:


-The Parliament Buildings

-William Shatner

-Jack Whyte (wrote The Skystone)

-Will Ferguson

-Robert Munsch


-The Rocky Mountains



What do you like about the true North, strong and free?

List Two

Thinking about the Anglicans and my relationship to them. I am Anglican. It is part of my peculiar character in Christ. Ten reasons I love Anglicanism in the order they come to mind:

1. C. S. Lewis

2. John Stott

3. J. I. Packer

4. Miroslav Volf

5. Richard Hooker

6. John Wesley

7. Thomas Cranmer

8. John Newton

9. N. T. Wright

10. Benedicta Ward

Yes, they are all people, mostly clergy (with the exception of Lewis and Volf, in fact — Benedicta Ward is a nun), and all writers. There are many others, and Benedicta Ward is not the only woman. But I promised a list of 10, so I won’t give you any others besides the BCP and the 39 Articles of Religion (found therein).

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