Seven Songs

I’ve been tagged by Rick to list seven songs that I currently like. This is an amusing task, as it shall reveal my eclectissimo musical taste. So, here we go:
1. Sweet Love – Soul Purpose (only certain Calgarian Anglicans would know this one)

2. One Faith – John Michael Talbot

3. Captain Kidd – Great Big Sea (restricting myself to only one GBS)
4. A Message – Coldplay (again with the restrictions)

5. Pavane РGabriel Faur̩ (as performed by The Academy of St. Martin in the Fields)

6. Last Saskatchewan Pirate – The Arrogant Worms (although “Celine Dion” and “Gaelic Song” are also most excellent)
7. “Cannonball” or “Eskimo” – Damien Rice

I’ve a feeling this was all a little too calculated on my part, although I was careful to choose the whole “current” thing–I could easily have chosen music I love but haven’t listened to lately, but this way you get a closer glimpse at what I’ve been enjoying these days. Just a note–these were mostly chosen for their sound, not their lyrical quality.

I now tag The Jeremy You (well, I, anyway) Can Trust. Go get ‘er boy!


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