deceptive appearances

The following is really the sort of thing that we probably all learned from after-school specials, our parents, Sunday School, or elementary school.

Yesterday, a guy came in to Chapters looking for an encyclopedia. I told him that we didn’t have an full sets, only one-volume encyclopedias. I showed him where they were, hiding in the Reference section at the back. He took a look at it, asked the price–$55. He said he used to have one but needed a new one. He was sure he could raise enough money in a couple of weeks. He said a few other things, mostly I think about how he would raise the money and be back later.

The notable thing about this event was the fact that he smelled a little of alcohol, had rotting teeth, wore tattered clothes and had a scraggly beard.

Contrast this with the federal employee who was caught taking photos on his cellphone of young girls with short skirts!

So there we have it: intellectual bums and perverted civil servants.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. And perhaps clothes don’t make the man, eh?


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